Who am I? — The Basic Data you’ll need 

Name: I go by my pseudonym Jin Joo Neul  (you’ll find me using various writing styles; the most common one is jooneul)

What else: I am currently studying English and Philosophy.
I’ve known Kpop since 2011 (SHINee got me good) and been into it since 2012 (B.A.P. got me better, yessir).

Fave Groups/Soloists: SHINee, B.A.P., Sistar, Wonder Girls, 4Minute, Block B, f(x), Brown Eyed Girls, Girl’s Day, Miss A, NCT U, Secret, EXO, Infinite, Blackpink, IU, Ailee

Bias: Bang Yong Guk, Ga In, Jong Hyun, Rosé, BoRa, Ga Yoon (Hyun Ah too tho), Tae Il, Tae Yong, HaNa, MinAh, Fei, Chen, Lay, L

Something more: I absolved and graduated from a secondary school which had their main theme in music, hence my little knowledge.
I tried to sing Covers but just like in Secondary School, I’m uncomfortable when I hear my own voice. Though (if I’m not mistaken) my Voice Type is Lyric Mezzo-Soprano and my range is about F3-A5 (Yes, I have a small range, and note that my voice is fairly undeveloped. I liked musical theory more than practical singing).