jin jooneul

aloha (^_^)/

You’ll find me using various writing styles of my pseudonyms; the most common one is jooneul

I am currently studying English and Philosophy.

I’ve known Kpop since 2011 (SHINee got me good) and been into it since 2012 (B.A.P. got me better, yessir).

I enjoy mostly these groups: SHINee, B.A.P., Sistar, Wonder Girls, 4Minute, Block B, f(x), Brown Eyed Girls, Girl’s Day, Miss A, NCT U, Secret, EXO, Infinite, Blackpink, IU, Ailee

While were at it, I adore these people to bits: Bang Yong Guk, Ga In, Jong Hyun, Rosé, BoRa, Ga Yoon (Hyun Ah too tho), Tae Il, Tae Yong, HaNa, MinAh, Fei, Chen, Lay, L (mind you, I love all member but these guys got me hella good)

a bye bye *v*